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Gasoline Wood Chipper

GasolineWoodChipper GasolineWoodChipper  GasolineWoodChipper  GasolineWoodChipper
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gasoline wood chipper
1.American design ideas.
2.Excellent chute without any stroke.

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gasoline wood chipper
1.We design one special configure "trolley"with one handle-bar to control the belt's loose or tension between two pulleys on the engine and the rotor:
When you rise up the handle-bar, the trolley with the engine will go nearer to the pulley on the rotor so that you can start the engine easier under unloading position;
When you put down the handle-bar, the trolley with the engine will go far away from the pulley on the rotor so the belts between the engine and the rotor will be tensed under the engine's acceleration at the same time so that the chipper will work.
2.We design a patented configure to prevent the belts coming off from the pulleys when the operator need loosen the belts to stop working or retighten them to work,
3.The space between the rotated knife and stable knife can be adjusted complish different chipping requests.
4.Rotor:At the heart of the chipper is an oversize heavy duty rotor and reversible chipping blades. The large diameter rotor has a faster tip speed for improved chipping action and the heavy gauge steel keeps your momentum to power through 4" diameter tree trunks.
5.Blades: the reversible blades are precision cut tool steel and hardened, keeping a sharp cutting edge and maximizing the performance of the chipper.
6.Air vents: blowing force is maximized with air intake vents on the side of the chipper. Air enters through the vents and powers the chips out the chute far enough.
7.Twig breaker blower paddles: behind the blades are blower paddles with integrated twig breakers designed for greater output force and smaller chips exiting the machine. This provides more consistent chip size and allows you to propel the chips further.
8.Adjustable chute:easily control where you want the chips with the double adjustable exit chute. The chute swivels 360 degrees and the top deflector adjusts the distance.
9.Mounting configurations: there are three different mounting configurations available for the wood chipper; A three point hitch, skidsteer mount and trailer.
10.Self-feeding hopper: the self-feed hopper is designed to angle the brush against the rotor and blades, making the branches into the chipper easily. Hydraulic roller feeding as option.
11.With  CE certificate.
Remarks: manual operation as option and the price of this model will be a little cheaper than with hydraulic feeding roller model.






13HP Gasoline

Starting Type


Chipper Capacity

4" Dia. (max. 4" slab)

Number of Rotor Blades


Blades Type

Hardened Tool Steel

Rotor Diameter


Feeding System

Self Feed  or hydraulic roller feeding as option

Mounting System


Discharge Hood Rotation


Net Weight(kg)


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